How many signals do you send daily?

Depending on your membership package:
Bronze – One signal per day
Silver – Three signals per day (4 in total with a free signal)
Gold – Three signals per day (7 in total with silver and free signals)
*** This is an average that you will receive. Not every day is a good day for trading, if we decide to pass trading day based on our analysis you will receive additional signals in the following days

When do you send signals?

We base our trades on trading in the right point in time, every signal will be sent when it is the best time to step in to trade. Stay tuned to our telegram channel to receive information when we publish it.

What payment methods do you support?

Our most common method of payment is PayPal.

Do you provide a free training course on entering signals and risk management?

Yes, we do! You can enroll directly online for free just CLICK HERE

Can I use any broker?

Yes. you can trade wherever you want. If you still didn’t choose the right broker check our recommendation page.

What is the expected monthly ROI/Profit?

We don’t provide a guaranteed ROI, our signals are used as tools to assist you in finding setups in the Forex market. The ROI will depend on your own trading strategy, management, and etc. Usually, our clients, depending on a month make a statistically¬† 5-20% profit.

How long do I hold trades for?

The general rule is not to close a trade if it is in minus. But you can adjust your strategy to close these trades, read more at risk management page

How long does it take to start getting signals? 

As soon as you join us you will start receiving signals (there are no trading signals during Saturday and Sunday)

Can I enter the signals on multiple accounts?


We don’t have a limit cap on your personal accounts, feel free to enter the signals on your various accounts and broker. We only ask that you don’t share our signals, simply refer your friend to our services & also earn some money for sending them our way!

How large does my account have to be to trade the signals?

We have no limits or minimum. You can trade on a $50 account using cents account and up to whatever pleases you. Keep in mind to use lot size management on your account, that is all we recommend. On average our clients have $5,000 account size and other bigger investors with $150,000 to $250,000.

How long does a membership package last?

Your package will last for 30 calendar days after you made the payment.

How to cancel my membership?

You’re not under any contract or obligation! Feel free to cancel your membership anytime, this can be done simply by – My Account – Subscription – Select service & cancel. To avoid the charge for the following month of your subscription, you must cancel before the recurring date. For example, if your subscription date is the 10th of every month, you must cancel before the 9th. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding billing.

If you still have any issues or doubts feel free to contact us by email: support@pipodrome.com